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Have you spent a fortune on pain killers and medical bills, desperately trying to heal your tired muscles and body ache? Maybe your pain is a result of massive stress and long work hours or due to a previous accident.

Pain is an important warning system in the body and a signal that something is wrong. If you have continuous pain for more than three months, it is considered as chronic.

The Swedish Spike Mat provides pain relief, relaxation and helps you to fall asleep.It gives comfort to aching, tired muscles. The acupressure mat, produced after an original, Indian recipe, is suitable for everyone. It can be regulated depending on your own pain sensibility.

The Swedish Spike Mat can help the following: lumbago, slipped discs, stiffness, sciatica, stress, chronic aches, "frozen shoulder", headaches, sleeping problems, whiplash, fibromyalgia etc.

The Swedish Spike Mat mat is design patented and manufactured in Sweden. The mat is made of TPE-plastic, without PVC or Latex, and is recyclable. We offer a 30 days money back guarantee and 5 a years warranty covering the usability for normal use (not scratches in the plastic or similar).

Now it's finally scientifically proved! The Swedish Acupressure Mat gives pain relief! The clinical study was made by Anette Kjellgren at Karlstad University. Contact us for more information.
Delivery Status 2016-12-14 10:46:02
Unfortunately we won't be able to deliver any mats before year end 2016. Orders made will be delivered January 2017.
Competition - February 2013 2013-01-29 09:39:05
Enter our exciting competition and you could be in line to win a Swedish Acupressure Spike Mat! Go to our Facebook page for more info.
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"I suffered from chronic back pain"

Susanna Lindelöw, manufacturer of the Acupressure mat, tells the story of how her succesful Acupressure mat was created.

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Pain and stiffness in your back, neck or shoulders?

Pain is one of the body’s important warning systems. It is a signal that something is wrong. Do you often have pain? Unfortunately you are not alone.

Find out how the spike mat can help you and why it works »

"I tried the mat when I had been recommended it for my whiplash injury. I often get stiff in my neck, have headaches and so on, and I have also found it very difficult to fall asleep in the evenings. I bought one and tried it. Imagine my surprise! Initially it just hurt, but after a while the endorphins came and I felt completely calm, the pain disappeared and I slept like a log! I am a masseuse and several of my customers who have tried it think it is wonderful. "
- Ullis Garpenbergs Hälsoverkstad : Massage, diet and training guidance
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