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The history of the bed of nails starts in India

The bed of nails has been used in India for relaxation exercises, meditation and yoga for thousands of years. There are many factors that indicate the pain relief is due to the pressure from the bed of nails/Acupressure mat activating the body's own production of endorphins, "natural painkillers", which are also released during exercise, infatuation, sex, touch, kissing, caressing and when you eat dark chocolate. Endorphins give pain relief and a sense of physical well-being. They can also give a sense of intoxication.

Another substance which is probably also released is called oxytocin, sometimes called "the love hormone" or "the peace and calm hormone". It is a hormone which is released during touch, caresses and lovemaking. Oxytocin produces relaxation; you wind down and find it easier to fall asleep.

"I suffered from chronic back pain"

For many years, I had a chronic pain in my back and frequent slipped discs. I was treated by doctors and chiropractors, stretched regularly, had massages and did strength training for my back muscles. It felt as if I had tried everything and from time to time my back was OK, but the slipped discs kept coming back and the pain was always there.

In autumn 2004 I read about the relaxing and pain relieving effects of the bed of nails. I tried to find an Indian bed of nails to buy, but soon found that they did not exist here or anywhere in the world. However, I found many instructions on how to make your own Indian bed of nails. They were largely based on two sheets of hardboard and hundreds of 4-inch nails.

I finally decided to manufacture an Indian Acupressure mat/bed of nails with a number of characteristics:

  • It should be gentle, and not puncture the skin at all
  • It should have an adjustable effect, e.g. by placing a thin cloth on it
  • It should be possible to adjust the size of it
  • It should be washable

It has been an exciting journey from the initial idea to creating a product which has helped me and now helps many other people. The Acupressure mat/bed of nails is now available. You can buy one here or at one of our helpful retailers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments on the Acupressure mat.

Susanna Lindelöw, manufacturer of the Acupressure mat

"I am very happy with my spike mat, and find it works very well. I have recommended it to many people already and even took it to my chiropractor to show him and he seemed very impressed with it too. Regards"
- Rashel van der Walt, Executive Secretary - CEO, Johannesburg
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