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Below you will find some comments and feedback on the Swedish Spike Mat.
The spike mat really is a great invention. I use it whenever my shoulders start feeling tense and I not only get a better night’s rest, but I also have no tension headaches, sore shoulders or sore back. I feel more energized and relaxed and definitely have a beter sense of well-being. I would recommend the spikemat to anybody.
- Anoline Cloete of Johannesburg South Africa
I'm so happy with my spike mats.I have given one to my friends to try and they are all buying one.There are so many from china and india but they can't beat your one: for hygiene, and immediate relief of knots etc.....thanks a million
- Adela Schoon Lansdowne South Africa
I often use the Acupressure mat when I treat patients. The combination of 15 minutes on the “bed of nails” and then 30 minutes of local massage is ideal! The blood circulation to muscles is increased by first lying on the Acupressure mat, and so the muscles are already warmed up when I start my massage. This means that I can start my deep treatment much more quickly. I have many returning customers who appreciate the combination of first lying on the mat and then having massage! I often use the Acupressure mat myself - it is a good way of winding down and at the same time giving myself an “acupressure treatment” after a hard day at work!
- Anna Ljungblad Cert. Masseuse Diploma in SPA- & massage therapy at headon in Malmö, Sweden www.headon.se
After a couple of minutes on the bed of nails, the pain disappears and I experience a light sense of euphoria. Thanks to the effective pain relief and the increased circulation, my aches become much less and my back is more supple.
- Chleo Maria Dagerberg at Face, Body and Mind: kinesiology, aesthetic acupuncture, face zone therapy, massage.
I don`t go to sleep before lying on the Spikemat for at least 10 min. It feels so good and I fall asleep quickly, actually before I even finish what I wanted to read. My back pain is better and I feel very relaxed !!
- Iris Ferreira of Grabouw, Cape Town
When I remember to use it (my own fault) it gives me tremendous relief. I am sure if I used it daily it would help me completely get rid of my tension headaches.
- Brenda
I really like the mat and am glad I made the purchase. I use it every morning. During the weekdays, before I go to work, and on weekends, after I work out or run. It helps my sore back muscles to feel better.
- Susan in Phoenix, AZ USA
I am very happy with my spike mat, and find it works very well. I have recommended it to many people already and even took it to my chiropractor to show him and he seemed very impressed with it too. Regards
- Rashel van der Walt, Executive Secretary - CEO, Johannesburg
I do use my mat from time to time and think it makes a difference when my neck and shoulders are very stiff and sore. (I only need to use the mat occasionally now since soreness and stiffness in my neck and shoulders are rare now that I have retired, live at the sea and don\'t have to commute in the Gauteng traffic any more.)
- Christine Marshall Cloete
It is amazing - I am delighted to have my spike mat and even take it on holiday with me. I find it especially helpful at bedtime ....... definitely sleep better
- BJ Turner, Estcourt
I tried the mat when I had been recommended it for my whiplash injury. I often get stiff in my neck, have headaches and so on, and I have also found it very difficult to fall asleep in the evenings. I bought one and tried it. Imagine my surprise! Initially it just hurt, but after a while the endorphins came and I felt completely calm, the pain disappeared and I slept like a log! I am a masseuse and several of my customers who have tried it think it is wonderful.
- Ullis Garpenbergs Hälsoverkstad : Massage, diet and training guidance
"It is amazing - I am delighted to have my spike mat and even take it on holiday with me. I find it especially helpful at bedtime ....... definitely sleep better "
- BJ Turner, Estcourt
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