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7 Quick Spiky facts about the Swedish Acupressure Spike Mat

1. Hygienic - washable, easy to keep clean

2. Adjustable intensity

3. Long lasting recyclable plastic – no PVC or Latex

4. Works deep in to your muscles, 300 x 1,5 cm nails.

5. Five year warranty

6. 30-day money back guarantee – buy and try. Not happy? – We refund you!

7. Made in Sweden to ensure high quality

"The spike mat really is a great invention. I use it whenever my shoulders start feeling tense and I not only get a better night’s rest, but I also have no tension headaches, sore shoulders or sore back. I feel more energized and relaxed and definitely have a beter sense of well-being. I would recommend the spikemat to anybody. "
- Anoline Cloete of Johannesburg South Africa
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